David Cotterrell : Barton Hill Art Guide

David Cotterrell : Barton Hill Art Guide

Date: 1st June 2006
Copyright Status: © Sovereign Housing, the artists and authors

A downloadable pdf version of the Art Guide published to establish broad art, architecture and landscape commissioning principles for the Barton Hill area of Bristol.

The Art Guide is a series of documents compiled to assist with the successful integration of high quality artwork and design within architectural, engineering, environmental and public realm projects within the Barton Hill area.

The pack contains a selection of proposals which have been presented as a result of collaborative period of design research between the Architects, Levitt Bernstein and the artist, David Cotterrell. Not all of these proposals are expected to be realised, but they serve as indicators of the range and early ambition for an evolving network of cultural activity, bespoke design and fine art commissions. Also found within the booklet are a selection of useful Policy Statements, Help Sheets, Advice on selecting artists, template contracts, design briefs, references and contacts.

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