Video Invitational

Video Invitational

Venue: FA Projects, London
Curators: Niru Ratnam
Date: 14th March 2003

Edwina Ashton, Claudio GuarinoSven Pahlsson, Naomi Ben-Shahar, Peter Harris, Marco Papa, Carles Congost, William HuntRiccardo Previdi, Mathieu Copeland, Christian Jankowski, Karen Russo, Maria Marshall, Jason Salavon, Saam Farahmand, Marzia Migliora, Wael Shawky, Rachel Garfield, Gelatin, Annee OlofssonRui ToscanoFrantiska & Tim Gilman, João Onofre, Marcella VanzoAnthony Goicolea, Bruno Pacheco.

f a projects presented an exhibition which brings together important contemporary video works by international emerging artists. The gallery had invited a group of curators, critics and collectors from the UK, Europe and America to propose a selection of works which for them represent some of the most outstanding and exciting new works made in video which had not been shown in the mainstream in London. The selectors were:

JJ Charlesworth (London), Milovan Farronato (Milan), Laura Garbarino (Milan), Louise Hayward (London), Pablo Lafuente (London), Ruben Levi, Niru Ratnam (London), Eugene Tan (London), Michael Wilson (New York)

The works, all single-screen projections, were shown in a rotating programme in the main gallery space, and explored the use of the medium of video in very different ways. Eschewing a themed presentation, the exhibition aimed to bring to London audiences works which they would otherwise be unable to see, and thus to provide a cross section through one of the most dominant forms of contemporary art practice. In keeping with this spirit, audiences were able to select the works from the programme they wished to view on their visit to the gallery. The works span a range of concerns: Claudio Guarino and Carlos Congost's theatrical pieces will be shown alongside the bodily and sexual explorations of women artists including Salla Tykka and Maria Marshall. Jason Salavon and Sven Pahlsson use the camera to examine the relationships between art and digital technologies.

Works were exhibited in a rolling programme in the gallery, with the choices of each selector shown together.

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