Il Palazzo Delle Liberta

Il Palazzo Delle Liberta

Venue: Palazzo Delle Papesse, Siena, Italy
Curators: Lorenzo Fusi
Date: 10th October 2003

Chema Alvargonzález, Daniel Blaufuks, Anna Boggon, James Casebere, Sandra Cinto, Vittorio Corsini, Luca Pancrazzi, Steve Piccolo & Gak Sato, Arthur Duff, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, Alex Hartley, Jonathan Jones, Petulia Mattioli, Eraldo Bernocchi & Harold Budd, Adalberto Mecarelli, Sabrina Mezzaqui, Janet Mullarney, Aldo Nove, Robert Pettena, Lorenzo Pizzanelli, Letizia Renzini, Felix Schramm, Sistemi Dinamici Altamente Instabili, Max Streicher, Mark Themann, Vargas- Suarez Universal, Suzann Victor, Italo Zuffi

All the spaces of the Siennese art center (including the service spaces, like the room for didactic projects etc.) will be given to a wide selection of italian and international artists for the production of brand new works.

The selected artists have been requested to create a specific project for the room they have been assigned to, concentrating on the architectural and morphological characteristics of the spaces or connecting their works to the history of the building itself, the town and the territory. A wide scale public commission, intending to show the most recent developments of contemporary art relating to the specific context of the Palazzo delle Papesse.
The Centre is hosted into an architecture which is unusual for its function. Specifically from this comparison with such ‘awkward’ architectural characteristics of the Palazzo, that works of great depth and emotional impact can be created. Works melting with the spaces they have been intended for, which properly live out from the spaces they are originated from.

The aim is to offer a multicentered point of view. There are no conceptual or expressive restrictions inside the Il Palazzo delle Libertà: photography, painting, video, sculpture, destructured architecture all become equal ways of expression to offer an independent interpretation of the space. A yearn towards artistic freedom. In the palazzo delle libertà all the rooms of the building have equal dignity. Not only the rooms more suitable for exhibitions are used, but the whole architecture in its entirety. An elusive-subversive project, careless of the good manners. An ambitious exhibition whose main aim is not to simply illustrate art, but to produce it. Art that is filled with meaning in the same instant it finds its optimal placement in the space for which it has been intended for.

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