Venue: London Bridge Catacombs, London
Curators: Illuminate Productions
Date: 21st October 2005

David Medalla, Jeppe Hein, Julius Popp, David Ryan, Neil Stewart, Jamie Castro, Caroline Jones, Hatty Lee, Zebedee Jones, Denis Glaser, Richard Annely, Rosanna Guy Greaves, Ben Youngman

A multi-dimensional arts exhibition called Flux. Organised by Illuminate Productions it brought together a group of international artists; using such media as sculpture, painting, installation, sound and film.

FLUX was held in the vaults under London Bridge Station. The venue was specially selected for its unique energy, atmosphere and immense size. FLUX featured the work of 12 artists, including David Medalla, Jeppe Hein, Julius Popp and Zebedee Jones. The exhibition centred around the theme of energy and movement.

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