Venue: Dilston Grove, London
Curators: Anne Bean
Date: 26th June 2011

Anne Bean, William Cobbing, Carl Von Weiler, Rachel Lowe and Bronwen Buckeridge.

Six artists held a sequence of week-long mini-residencies in Dilston Grove. Each artist chose the artist to succeed him or her and each must respond to what has been left behind. WAKE (visible tracks of turbulence) interrogates notions of ownership, of collective process, of where a work begins or ends, of materiality itself and the non-verbal transmission of ideas.

The remnants and materials will become a binding force between the six artists, as they inhabit each other's past and future. The audience can see and experience the results of each residency every weekend and trace the narrative of this particular space, time and group of artists.

Anne Bean started the process (11/12 June) followed by William Cobbing ((18/19 June), David Cotterrell (25/26 June), Carl Von Weiler (2/3 July), Rachel Lowe (9/10 July) and Bronwen Buckeridge (16/17 July).


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