Code Yellow

Code Yellow

Venue: UTD Gallery & Central Track Gallery, Dallas
Curators: Laray Polk
Date: 28th March 2014

Artists and Curators: Kael Alford, Jennifer McNabb, ResolanaSpike JohnsonMona KasraAndrew BlantonGreg Metz, Kayla Escobedo, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Gary Panter, Marian Henley, Mike Presley, Laray PolkMax Schich, Didier Sornette, Janeil Engelstad, Tomáš Rafa, Rudolf Sikora, Václav Vašků and Jana Želibská.

In this co-curatorial expose, six nationally and internationally acclaimed artists compared and contrasted how the reality of a ‘presumed crisis’ is reflected through various interpretive mediums of visual stylisation, including editorial propaganda, documentary appropriation, image filtration, social media, personal narrative, scientific interpretation and statistical analysis.

Code Yellow featured artists and curators from fields of art, journalism, network analysis and social activism, and investigated issues of vulnerability, struggle and crisis. Works in the exhibition used humor, irony, empathy, direct or indirect action, data, graphic depiction, media manipulation and social engagement to convey the various means humans express societal dilemma and moral anxiety, exploring systems of real and perceived warnings.

Cotterrell showed his immersive installation work Mazar, Texas in the exhibition. Co-produced with artist/curator Laray Polk.

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