Politics of Amnesia II

Politics of Amnesia II

Venue: CGP London
Curators: Richard Ducker - Fieldgate Gallery
Date: 17th May 2015

George Barber (Guyana), Amanda Beech (USA), John Gerrard (Ireland), Gibson/Martelli (UK), Matthew Noel-Tod (UK), Derek Ogbourne (UK) and Nonny de la Pena (USA).

Politics of Amnesia II was curated by Richard Ducker (Fieldgate Gallery) and looked at past trauma through the conduit of technology.

In Part 2 of this two-part exhibition, the artists looked at the psyche of the body politic and revealed a condition of disquiet and concern through interests in, or references to technology, discerning the faint echoes of failed past utopias through the technological notion of ‘progress’. This sense of amnesia, induced by the seduction of the spectacle of technology, becomes the consequent politics of memory and distraction; as our hi-tech future promises us infinite possibilities, it leaves a gap filled with impending disappointment.

Cotterrell's installation work 9-Liner was shown as a three-channel video projection for the first time in this show at Cafe Gallery Projects in London. 9-Liner is a three-channel time based work, which explores the dislocation between the parallel experiences of casualties within theatre.

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