Other Surfaces

Other Surfaces

Venue: Poppy Sebire Gallery, London
Curators: Rebecca Geldard
Date: 12th January 2012

Vanessa Billy, Lloyd Corporation, Tom Dale, Clare Goodwin & Paul Harper, Lee Maelzer, Sam Porritt, Magali Reus and John Strutton.

Cotterrell's Hero, was shown within the exhibition Other Surfaces at Poppy Sebire Gallery.

Other Surfaces presented a single-projection show-reel of short films and videos featuring artists essentially known for their materially hands-on approaches to making. While some obvious points of connection were to be found between them, it was unlikely that these artists would have ever been shown together as a group of object and mark makers prior to this exhibition. However diverse, all of the artists featured in Other Surfaces use video as both a research tool and a recording device. The exhibition, situated somewhere between the screening and the group show, offered a quiet space in which to consider the unique work these artists do.

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