Venue: Kabinet Muz
Curators: Katerina Kelarova
Date: 4th November 2018

Ruwanthie de Chickera (SL), Savmart&Moronic (HU), Hangácsi Márton (HU), Perihelion (HU)

A festival of contemporary Hungarian, British & Sri-Lankan Audiovisual performance and installation. Staged by Standard Island at Kabinet Muz, Brno, Czech Republic.

To demonstrate faith in the inevitability of greater things (if only because things cannot get worse), Kabinet Múz welcomes Hungarian and British artists in its second ostentatious demonstration of international fellowship and kindness.

Branching out from its limiting initial frame of alliance via abbreviation”, the organisers have taken the bold step of linking nation through political disappointment and despair. At a time of existential angst and simplistic narratives, brouhaha offers experiential antidotes and convoluted conversations.

The festival was supported by Statutárním městem Brnem and Budapesti Muvelodesi Kozpont.

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