AMH 2010 : Humanities at the Cutting Edge - 05.07.10

AMH 2010 : Humanities at the Cutting Edge - 05.07.10

Date: 5th July 2010

This year's Association for the Medical Humanities conference will be held in Truro and Tate St Ives.

Conversations Between Surgery, Pathology, the Humanities & the Arts

Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry, Truro/ Tate St Ives, Cornwall, UK

Mon 5th – Wed 7th July 2010.

Keynote speakers and conference themes:

AMH 2010 offers a stimulating group of keynotes, including talks, art interventions and performance, bringing new meanings to the medical and surgical humanities. David Cotterrell, an artist and professor of fine art, will discuss medicine in conflicted landscapes using front line surgery in Afghanistan as his focus and film as the medium for representation. Francis Wells, a heart surgeon and artist, discovered that study of Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings revealed remarkable insights leading to a rethink of how mitral valve operations may be carried out. Francis shows how surgical practice is formed through visual thinking and this in turn is shaped by art history. Both David Cotterrell and Francis Wells ask us to re-imagine medicine and surgery through the lens of art.

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