Brouhaha - 04.11.18

Brouhaha - 04.11.18

Date: 4th November 2018

For the second edition of the Brno/Kabinet Muz cultural festival, David and Ru will be performing their iphone tragedy, OnSilent. This new version, translated into Czech and syncronised across multiple devices, will act as a parasitic parallel installation tonight and tomorrow evening, throughout the sound and music line up of an international sonic arts and music performers.

Venue: Kabinet Muz - Sukova 4, 60200 Brno, Czech Republic

Dates; 4 & 5 November, 19:30 - 23:30

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To demonstrate faith in the inevitability of greater things (if only because things cannot get worse), Kabinet Muz welcomes Hungarian and British artists in its second ostentatious demonstration of international fellowship and kindness.

Branching out from its limiting initial frame of ‘alliance via abbreviation’, the organisers have taken the bold step of linking nations through political disappointment and despair. At a time of existential angst and simplistic narratives, brouhaha offers experiential antidotes and convoluted conversations.

Hosting artists with entirely incompatible languages elegantly serves the dual purpose of limiting the production of trivial political slogans and fostering just enough loneliness to ensure a desperate engagement with new forms of expression.

Artists will find fellowship through music, noise, poetry and art in a real-time enactment of the potential for international dialogue, the cacophony of creative contradiction and the BrouHaha of hope.

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