Mis(sing)-Communication - 27.04.20

Mis(sing)-Communication - 27.04.20

Date: 27th April 2020

David and Ru's two channel video project, Mirror III : Horizon, is being screend from 27th May to 3rd May as part of the six week online programme curated by Tess Charnley.

For its first online exhibition, Danielle Arnaud gallery presents a screening programme of video and film works by Kihlberg & Henry; Neville Gabie; Oona Grimes; David Cotterrell; Paulette Phillips; and Suky Best, curated by Tess Charnley. This presentation will occur over the course of six weeks with a new work made available for streaming each week. The works explore ideas of spatial and bodily interiority and exteriority, solitude, communication and the elasticity of time; topics that resonate in this time of altered living (within and without our selves). They allude to the possibilities of healing, as well as the complexities that arise with this repair.

Each work will be available to stream on the gallery website and also through the gallery mail out.

Screening Schedule:

W/C 20th April: Oona Grimes | u.e u.
W/C 27th April: David Cotterrell | Mirror III: Horizon
W/C 4th May: Kihlberg & Henry | This Building, This Breath
W/C 11th May: Neville Gabie | Experiments in Black and White XXX
W/C 18th May: Suky Best | The Sea House
W/C 25th May: Paulette Phillips | The Quoddy Fold

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