Date: 1st June 2008
Dimensions(m) 3.0, 4.0, 0.3

A silk carpet offering a planners perspective of a dystopian road network.

Roadrunner is inspired by the abstraction that planners and architects experience when designing road networks. Beijing's designers are privy to a vision of the city few on the ground ever experience: the Bird's Eye view of the city reveals a formal beauty from above that is obliterated once the viewer is returned to the human scale and is forced to navigate a labyrinthine system.

The carpet is a somewhat ironic attempt to domesticate the road - the tradition of carpets made by hand, by women, that tell contemporary stories through traditional motifs is subverted by a pattern that reminds us of the impossibility of returning to a comfortable, nostalgic vision of the past.


Handmade silk carpet (150 knots per inch).


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