The Hackney Flyover

The Hackney Flyover

Date: 6th October 2006

The Hackney Flyover is a proposed artwork taking the form of a fictional development which has an ‘embedded’ artist attached to the project.

Driving London Forward

Manifested through hoardings, a mock visitor’s centre, consultation documents, housing plans and various architect’s models, the scheme’s rationale is to expose decisions taken in the Masterplanning process. Those who live and/or work within areas of potential or imminent regeneration are not always privy to the machinations of centralised government or the quangos, developers and architects whose decisions will affect their lives. While the Hackney Flyover will never be built, evidence of its supporting piers would be apparent at one or more locations along the artist’s proposed route.

The proposal was originally developed in response to the 2006 ArtAngel Jerwood call for ideas. An ironic reflection on the recently anounced plans for London's 2012 Olympic site, The Hackney Flyover is designed to be a project, which should never be realised.

The full proposal may be downloaded as a PDF document here.


Concrete, re-bar, documents and hoardings.

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