Transmission (v)

Transmission (v)

Collaborators: Ruwanthie de Chickera (SL), Christopher Sherwood (UK) and Tara Nadun (NL)
Date: 17th July 2020

The final part of the Thought Curfew Trilogy. Devised and produced remotely in lockdown between London, Amsterdam and Colombo. Created for broadcast during the 2020 Covid pandemic.

Transmission was the last chapter of the Thought Curfew trilogy. The film was conceptualised and directed by Cotterrell with a script authored by Ruwanthie de Chickera as an allegorical post-script to the Thought Curfew project.

The final production, originally envisaged as a staged performance was reconsidered and developed to be screened on Ubumuntu 2020 online streaming platforms.

The following is an extract from the film synopsis:

A meeting between two strangers. In a landscape of a real or imagined future, a man obsessively tries to interrupt his isolation by searching the internet for someone like him who may allow him to feel less alone.

His sanity is dependent on a search for humanity that is incremented in a million failed attempts to find an open connection. Searching for love, laughter and solidarity, he is focussed on the task that will offer meaning to time and life.

The film marked the conclusion of David Cotterrell & Ruwanthie de Chickera's five year collaboration across theatre, moving image and installation.


Single Channel HD Video (18 Minutes)


Designed and Directed by David Cotterrell
Script by Ruwanthie de Chickera


Christopher Sherwood (actor/researcher)
Tara Nadun (actor/researcher)


Ian Gouldstone (animator)
Malshani Delgahapitiya (researcher)

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