Bodegon 1

Bodegon 1

Date: 14th October 2022
Dimensions(m) 96cm, 186cm, 76cm

An animated 3d projection referencing the 17th Century Bodegón tradition of still-life painting.

Bodegón 1 is an allegorical reflection on aggressive imperialism and the way in which cultural appropriation has led to complex naratives of origin and ownership. The ephemeral virtual projection of a still life is informed by the economy and elegance of the works of Juan Sanchéz Cotán and explores the confusion of contemporary references that stem from the devastating initial encounters between Spain and Mexico.

The work is part of a series of studies produced through a sustained engagement with Mexico during the global pandemic and is a component of a wider ongoing concern with post-colonial debates, identities and awareness.


Alioscopy Lenticular screen, pepper’s ghost cabinet and computer.

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