The Privilege of the Outsider (v)

The Privilege of the Outsider (v)

Event Name: Fairytale of Horror Story Conference
Venue/Location: Leigh Court Bristol
Date: 14th May 2008
Supporting Organisation(s):
Public Art South West and RUDI (Resource for Urban Design Information)

Collaborations between artists and urban designers as part of a design team are generally seen as ‘a good thing’. But what is the real added value of these partnerships and how do they work in practice?

A one-day conference to debate these important issues, drawing over 100 artists and placemakers. More information

The keynote presentation considered what artists and designers can do to prevent globalisation and whether there have to be some tangible ‘outcomes’ to an artist’s work. The presentation was made shortly after Cotterrells return from his second research period in Afghanistan and attempted to reconcile the contradictions and parallels witnessed within planning in transitional and uncertain environments.

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