David Cotterrell in Conversation

David Cotterrell in Conversation

Event Name: War and Medicine
Venue/Location: Wellcome Collection
Date: 7th February 2009
Supporting Organisation(s):
Wellcome Foundation

Chair/Other Speakers:
Angela Weight (chair)

An event In support of the War and Medicine exhibition with the chance to view previously unseen images from David’s residency and hear about his time in Afghanistan.

The lecture offered an anecdotal account of a brief residency within a challenging context. A discussion was subsequently lead by Angela Weight, who had developed and championed the contemporary War Artist programme at the Imperial War museum over the past twenty years.

A recording of the presentation is not currently available, however Michaela Crimmin was in the audience and wrote a very thoughtful account of the event on the RSA blog.

An earler video of David talking about his experience in Afghanistan may also be viewed here.

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