Army medics on the front-line (v)

Army medics on the front-line (v)

Event Name: Audio Slideshow
Venue/Location: BBC World News Web-Site
Date: 17th December 2008
Supporting Organisation(s):
BBC, Wellcome Collection

Chair/Other Speakers:
Arlene Gregorius (Interviewer)

An interview describing recollections of time spent in Helmand province, recorded and formatted into an on-line slide-show by the BBC.

When British soldiers fighting in Afghanistan are injured, they get taken to the British military's field hospital at Camp Bastion in Helmand province. Artist David Cotterrell spent a month there, recording what he observed for the Wellcome Collection's exhibition War and Medicine.

Here, David Cotterrell describes what he saw at Camp Bastion, and the front line.

This interview is included on this website with kind permission of BBC News Online. It was edited and compiled by Paul Kerley and Arlene Gregorius and may also be viewed within its original context on the BBC News site.

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